4 Nifty Inflation Kits for Flat Tires

Getting a flat tire is horrible. It always seems to happen when it’s blazing hot, you’re running late, or rush hour is in full swing. No matter the circumstances, a flat tire is a nuisance, but it doesn’t have to wreck your day.

With the right preparation, you’ll be ready to fix your tire like a pro. Not sure how to use a jack? No problem – nowadays it’s a snap to fix your tire without jacking up your car or using a spare.

Spare tires add weight to your car and take up a lot of space. That’s why car makers have started leaving them out of newer vehicles to save money and create more available space.

Instead, they include emergency inflation kits that come with electric inflators and cans of sealant. Sealants have been around for decades, but they were goopy and not user friendly. The new versions are cleaner and easier to use.

Emergency inflation kits are now widely available and smart to have in your car. Sealants aren’t a permanent fix, but they’ll get you back on the road quickly. With a sealed tire, you’ll be able to get to a mechanic without damaging your wheels, tires, or tire-pressure monitoring systems.

So, the next time you get a flat, you’ll know exactly how to fix it with one of these great options.

  1. The Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step Tire Repair Kit

This kit comes with sealant and a 12V pump with pressure gauge. It promises to inflate your tire in just seven minutes and keep you on the road for up to 500 miles. Cost: around $35.

  1. The Airman ResQ Pro

This one combines the sealant, compressor, and pressure gauge into one ergonomic package. It comes with adaptors for bicycle tires, balls, inflatable toys and its own carrying case. Cost: $50.

  1. Slime 40013 Smart Spair Emergency Tire Repair Kit

This kit is slimy and proud of it. It’s a compact unit that fits easily into your trunk and claims to fix any puncture up to ¼ of an inch. Your total repair time with this kit is just 15 minutes. Cost: $20.

  1. Super Spare PP001SSK Tire Repair Kit

The Super Spare is the smallest and simplest. It has no compressor. Instead, it uses a hose to borrow air from one of your other tires to fill your flat. Having multiple underinflated tires isn’t the safest option, so this kit is only for emergencies and short distances. Cost: $15.

Don’t let a flat tire slow you down. Inflator kits make it easy, convenient, and cheap to fix your tire. By thinking ahead and being prepared, you’ll be ready to tackle your tire and carry on with your day.


Image by tsuda via Flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.