8 Weird Ways to Clean Your Car [Infographic]

Cleaning your car is one of the least exciting chores of summer, so let’s make it more fun!

This infographic shows 8 cheap, easy, and weird ways to clean your car. Who’d have thought you could use hairspray and toothpaste to take out tough stains?

Weird ways to clean your car

Here are some other car-cleaning tips to keep your vehicle spick and span for your summer travels.

  • Keep disinfecting wipes and a roll of paper towels in your car. That way you can clean up any spills before they turn into stubborn stains.
  • Invest in a chargeable mini vacuum with a car adapter to make it easier to suck up all the dirt and crumbs from under your seats.
  • Buy some car organizers to help keep things tidy. You can get ones for the center console, backseat, or even the backs of your seats.

Happy roadtripping!