Caption Contest Results: A Fishy Situation- Readers’ Choice

To commemorate this year’s fishing opener, we at Poquet Auto ran a Facebook caption contest to see how many fun captions we could get with the picture above.

Check out some of the great one-liners they came up with!

  • CW: Thought this was the public access…
  • KN: One fisherman could not wait to hit the lake for the opener, while a veteran angler watches his bobber.
  • JT: I caught the biggest fish, named him Poquet! But I do believe in catch and release, so traded it in!
  • EF: Waiting for the tow truck. Can’t let a little accident prevent me from doing what I came here to do.
  • MH: When you just can’t wait to hit the lake!
  • DJ: “Well.. That’s one way to be first to hit the lake…”
  • BV: “Honey can you go back to the van and grab my sunglasses for me please!?”
  • RT: Just topping off the fluids!
  • MS: I got the James Bond option package like the submarine Lotus in the Spy Who Loved Me.
  • SM: Chief of the boat go to 10 degrees down bubble. Dive! Dive! Dive!
  • DCFL: Grandpa stuck with the traditional style, as I start a new trend submarine fishing.
  • KS: Hey Phil, you are supposed to keep the tip out of the water.
  • FLJ: Nice catch but I heard The Cadillacs should be biting today.
  • DP: Hey Clem, what’s that? Why, that’s one of them thar 4 door bobbers?
  • AB: Water front parking…
  • RL: Must be low tide.
  • LKS: Fish here often?

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