Caption Contest Results: “This is a Häagen-Dazs-aster!” – Readers’ Choice

After finding this photo back in summer, it truly fit with the weather at the time. This week, however, not so much…

But, to put a little warm laugh in your day, we asked our fans and followers for their best caption of this picture and we received quite a few creative responses. Check out some of our favorites!

  • RH: “Would you like Strawberry or Vanilla?”
  • SA: Hurry kids! I’mmm mmmeeellllltttttiiiiiinnnnnngggggg……… (Says quietly to itself, “I need a frap from Starbucks to coooool down, only if I had a new vehicle to get there.”)
  • TH: Poquet has hot deals! So hot it melted the cool ice cream truck! Hope they were able to rescue some ice cream bars.
  • RDM: A/C in my Poquet purchased Jeep is running great…though I always prefer the windows down and sunroof open.
  • PH: I’m actually glad it’s finally hot enough to complain about how hot it is!
  • BWF: Just remember below zero weather isn’t too far away!
  • CW: Today’s special on the ice cream truck is volcano cream sandwiches!
  • LA: So hot we cooked an egg in the sidewalk but we didn’t expect this!
  • JPTY: Global warming!
  • LF: This is a Häagen-Dazs-aster!
  • MAJT: Oh Dorothy you didn’t have to melt the truck too!
  • SK: I think I am having a melt-down!
  • LB: Shouldn’t have parked in a fire lane.
  • JV: Epic meltdown.
  • MF: If you can’t handle the heat get off the sidewalk!
  • NR: I guess our pool party is going to be extra sweet.
  • DD: Keep calm and grab a straw.
  • GB: Soft serve anyone?
  • KBM: Thankfully we can still get snow cones!
  • DJ: I scream, you scream, we all scream in horror!
  • TS: Must be out of bomb pops.
  • JJM: Quick get a spoon for a cool treat!
  • BL: Someone forgot to turn on the A/C again!
  • DLT: I’mmmm mmeeellllltttiiinnggg!!
  • TJ: So hot, even the ice cream truck melted.

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