Why Original Paint on a Vehicle Matters

Car paint matters. It’s not just so you can look hip & sporty with candy-apple red or sleek and classy with sheer black. Paint is a key part of our 110-point inspection process when buying used vehicles.


Checking a vehicle’s paint job is one of the many ways we verify its history and quality. If a vehicle has been repainted, we know it has an unclear history which may reflect something as minor as having been keyed or something as major as a serious accident.

How We Evaluate Trade-In Vehicles

We’re often asked how we evaluate trade-in vehicles. The answer is pretty simple.

We use a combination of Kelley Bluebook (KBB) good condition in conjunction with average trade prices compiled from across the country. Of course, prior, accidents, current damage and other factors come into play, but the majority of the time KBB is a pretty close match.

Want to Know How We Pick Our Cars? Here’s the inside scoop.

If you’ve purchased a car from us before, you know that quality is our highest priority. We work hard to make sure every vehicle in our inventory is a high-value choice we’d be proud to own ourselves. So how do we find these cars? Where do they come from? How do we decide whether or not to buy them? These are questions we hear pretty often, so we thought we’d answer them here…