Top 10 Essentials Teens Should Keep in Their Car [Checklist]

Most parents are a little nervous about sending their teens out on the road. The only thing that helps is knowing your teen is as prepared as possible for any situation that may come their way. That means great driver’s education, basic knowledge of car repair/maintenance/safety, and a car full of essential safety items.

For your convenience, we put together a checklist of the top must-haves for every safe vehicle – use it to make sure your teen is fully prepared.

The Best Spring Road Trips from Minneapolis

The weather’s getting nice, the sun is out, and if you’re like us, you might be thinking about taking your Poquet vehicle out on a road trip! The only problem is – spring is busy! The kids are still in school, outdoor activities are ramping up, and everyone seems to be coming out of hibernation. We’ve got the perfect solution for you – weekend road trips that will be fun for you and the whole family. 

Here are our favorite springtime road trips from Minneapolis / St. Paul:

Pothole Season Ahead!: Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle

It’s a familiar springtime experience here in Minnesota – you’re driving along in your beloved car when you feel your tire CLUNK into a large, deep pothole. Most of the time, you recover yourself, drive on, and everything’s fine. But all too many of us know that potholes can cause major damage to our cars.

Parking Tips and Hacks (including flawless parallel parking)

Ever feel the white-knuckle frustration of trying to parallel park into a tight spot on a busy street? Trying to squeeze into that spot when motorists are lined up behind you is not a fun task.

But there are a few tips and tricks you can use to help make the whole process go a lot more smoothly.

Take a look at these parking tips and hacks