20 Famous (or Infamous) Hollywood Clunkers

Fast, beautiful cars get a lot of attention in the movies. But sometimes, an old clunker gets fame (or infamy) too. From Herbie to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, some clunker cars are movie characters in their own right.

We asked our Facebook fans to name the *best* clunker cars ever to grace the silver screen. Here’s their list of the 20 greatest clunker cars in Hollywood history.

Why Original Paint on a Vehicle Matters

Car paint matters. It’s not just so you can look hip & sporty with candy-apple red or sleek and classy with sheer black. Paint is a key part of our 110-point inspection process when buying used vehicles.


Checking a vehicle’s paint job is one of the many ways we verify its history and quality. If a vehicle has been repainted, we know it has an unclear history which may reflect something as minor as having been keyed or something as major as a serious accident.

Are Driverless Cars the Future of Transportation? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Human error is to blame for the vast majority of car accidents, which caused 1.2 million lives last year. Up to 20-30% of these collisions are due to driver distraction. Google thinks it has a solution to these problems – driverless cars.

Regardless of how you feel about kicking back while your car propels you to your destination, these self-driving cars are on their way.

So how do driverless cars work? When will we see them on the mass market? Are they actually safer than regular cars? These answers and more are conveniently laid out in this infographic from Southside Motor Factors.

The Best Spring Road Trips from Minneapolis

The weather’s getting nice, the sun is out, and if you’re like us, you might be thinking about taking your Poquet vehicle out on a road trip! The only problem is – spring is busy! The kids are still in school, outdoor activities are ramping up, and everyone seems to be coming out of hibernation. We’ve got the perfect solution for you – weekend road trips that will be fun for you and the whole family. 

Here are our favorite springtime road trips from Minneapolis / St. Paul: