Going on One Last Summer Roadtrip? Here are 4 Car Prep Tips!

Making one last trip to Walley World?

Going to see Aunt Edna one more time before the kids are back at school?

Well, it’s time to get that Wagon Queen Family Truckster tuned up and ready for the road. Here are 4 car prep tips to consider before starting your vacation.

1 – Don’t drop below a quarter tank of gas

Not only does that save you when fuel stations become rare, it will extend the life of your fuel pump. Low gas levels can harm your car’s pumps.

Vacation Roadtrip Gas Station Scene

2 – Replace those filters

Simply put, replacing your air filter regularly saves fuel and preserves system components. Plus, if you’re stuck in the car with your friends or family, fresh air, even with the windows up, is normally a good thing (as it can get a little scary).

Vacation Roadtrip In the Car

3 – What to do when stranded

Before or after calling AAA for a tow, check out local repair shops options using RepairPal. This site offers an estimator tool that tells you how much a particular repair will cost. If you use the site, participating RepairPal shops will honor the prices the site provides you if their prices are normally a little higher.

Vacation Roadtrip Repair Shop Scene

4 – Top of those tires

Check your tires. Your gas mileage improves by 3% when they’re at the right PSI. Besides gas mileage, properly inflated tires improve handling and safety, while reducing wear and tear. Don’t know what PSI your tires need? Simply check driver side door panel, or the tires themselves, for the pressure. Need to change a flat? Here’s a guide to follow.

Vacation Roadtrip Car Airborne

Bonus Tips: Don’t forget to bring a tire gauge and to top off your windshield wiper fluid! Here Looking to bring your dog or cat along? Consider these tips, as well!

Happy Travels!

Vacation Roadtrip Happy Griswold Family