“Look out, it’s a T-Wreck!” – Readers’ Choice

A car wreck is a big deal, but a T-Wreck is an even bigger deal!

To have a little Jurassic fun, we asked our fans and followers for their best caption on this picture and we received 33 responses! Check out some of our favorites!

  • JG: I should have listened to my Dad. This IS the bad side of town.
  • MJ: Now that’s road rage! Eat a Snickers and you’ll feel better!
  • KBM: Oh no.. Mom just noticed I drank the last of the coffee!
  • PY: Regretting not buying the corvette instead of this prius!
  • RB: Saw your family watching Jurassic Park on your DVD system so I thought I would follow and watch too :-) rawr!
  • NB: Uh oh, my wife looks unhappy that I forgot to put out the recycling for the week!
  • MM: “Dr. Grant! Wait, I have something for you!”
  • JM: Oh look T-rex hasn’t had his coffee today !!!!
  • WBB: Took a wrong turn somewhere…
  • MD: Blind spot monitor working!!!!!
  • TH: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.
  • BA: Look out, it’s a T-Wreck!
  • BL: Someone forgot their coffee this morning!
  • MA: “Mommy, I gotta go to the bathroom.” “Not, now honey.”
  • AY: Life… uh… finds a way…
  • MP: Driving through a car lot that’s NOT Poquet – “shoot, here comes the salesman, let’s go!”
  • KF: Come on car, you picked the wrong time to start overheating…
  • PJ: Ummm, I think we took a wrong turn. Time to use the nav. system!