Luxury Cars vs. Mainstream Cars: What You Need to Know

It’s no surprise that brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi have a different reputation than Honda, Ford, and Toyota. While all of these brands produce production cars, the differences between the first set of luxury cars and the second set of mainstream cars might not be clearly defined for someone who’s in the market for a new vehicle.

In the past, many consumers looked at luxury cars as “fancy” or “dressed up” versions of mainstream ones. Today, it’s important to know that there are apparent differences between the two groups of vehicles.

Luxury Cars vs. Mainstream Cars

Mainstream Cars

When referring to mainstream vehicles, the number one benefit that any car buyer will immediately mention is the lower price. With a decreased amount of safety features, technology, and performance, mainstream cars are oftentimes the only option when it comes to a motorist’s budget. It’s essential that consumers purchase a car in a price range that they’re comfortable with, which is why mainstream vehicles can be a popular choice.

How Luxury Cars are Different

When it comes down to it, luxury vehicles are all-around higher quality cars. This reason alone is why motorists consider these vehicles in the first place. Whether it’s the compelling design, high-quality interior materials, cutting-edge safety features, or power performance, there are plenty of reasons why purchasing a luxury car is a smart buy. But, are these cars really worth the money?

The short answer: Yes.

For the Best Value, Buy a Used Luxury Car

Although a brand new luxury car may not be attainable, a used luxury car is an extremely smart choice. Even luxury cars that are a little older can be equipped with high quality features and modern styling.

Plus, luxury cars (including used ones) tend to have a smoother ride and less wind and tire noise than their mainstream counterparts. This is because automakers spend extra money developing suspension and sound-eliminating components to give consumers a more enjoyable ride.

Even if you’re not purchasing a brand new luxury car, used luxury cars will have most (if not all!) of the same benefits that a new one will have.

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