The Celebrity Cars of Mad Max

The fourth Mad Max movie since 1979, Mad Max: Fury Road came out May 15th to rave reviews and sold-out theaters. The original, an Australian dystopian action flick “centered its attention around the breakdown of society, love, and revenge.” Like many other action movies, the Mad Max movies all feature some pretty amazing cars.

Just in case you haven’t seen all four Mad Max films, we thought we’d share an interesting infographic from that highlights some of the “celebrity” cars used in the movies. Some are pretty rugged-looking while others just look fast. Take a look and let us know which is your favorite.

mad max infographic

Haven’t yet seen Mad Max: Fury Road? Film Critic, Eric Eisenberg of Cinema Blend said it’s “as crazy, gorgeous and awesome as anyone could really hope and guaranteed to be one of the best big-screen spectacles of the year.” Check it out in theaters or get the DVD this fall.

Still not convinced? You can check out the movie trailer here.