Tom Cruise Destroys a BMW in Mission Impossible 5

Tom Cruise is back to do more crazy stunts in the explosive Mission: Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation. As super spy Ethan Hunt, he’ll be hanging from wires, donning masks, and outsmarting the bad guys – and he’ll also be driving a swanky car.

BMW has become famous for supplying cool cars to the Mission Impossible franchise. In the fourth movie, Ghost Protocol, they showed off the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics electric concept car, which was every bit as cool as it sounds. It was chic, futuristic, and packed to the brim with mind-blowing technology – everything that a spy-flick car should be.

In Rogue Nation, the escape car of choice is the BWM M3 F80. Cruise (with co-star Simon Pegg in the front seat) actually did his own driving stunts as he drove the M3 to destruction on the narrow streets of Morocco. The action-packed chase sequence included driving down steps, whipping around corners, slamming into parked cars, and ultimately shooting backwards into the air.

Out of the many, many M3s used to shoot the scene, only one survived the automotive carnage. It’s now on display at the BMW M facility in Garching, Bavaria.

This crazy video clip takes you inside the filming for the scene.

 Good thing they were wearing seatbelts! Other members of the BMW family featured in the movie include the 2016 BMW 340i in Mediterranean blue and the BMW 5 1000 RR Bike. And you can see screeching around corners in high-speed chases and crashes in theaters all summer long.