[Video] A Lamborghini tractor? They’re real, and the story behind them is quite fascinating!

Let’s admit it, when you first saw this article and the name “Lamborghini,” you probably didn’t think of a tractor. But Ferruccio Lamborghini got his start making tractors after serving in the Italian Air Force’s Motor Pool until 1947. From there, Mr. Lamborghini saw the demand for tractors after World War II and began converting surplus military engines into powerful tractors.

To better market the craftsmanship and power of his tractors, Ferruccio even organized tractor-pulling contests between his machines and those belonging to nearby farmers, just to show that his tractor was the most powerful one (which carried over to his automobile line years later).

So without further delay, check out this rare, 1968-69 Lamborghini R485 tractor that was on an episode of ‘Jay Leno’s Garage!’