Want to Know How We Pick Our Cars? Here’s the inside scoop.

If you’ve purchased a car from us before, you know that quality is our highest priority. We work hard to make sure every vehicle in our inventory is a high-value choice we’d be proud to own ourselves. So how do we find these cars? Where do they come from? How do we decide whether or not to buy them? These are questions we hear pretty often, so we thought we’d answer them here…

How do you pick cars?

Every car we stock is hand-picked by either our owner, Colin Sievers, or by one of our three full-time buyers. We scour the midwest and several locations out east to find the highest-quality used vehicles available.

What qualities do you look for when buying cars?

We look for the lowest mileage cars that have been returned from one-time lessees or owners. Once we’ve identified cars that fit this description, we closely inspect each one – we would never buy a car without seeing it, sitting in it, and even smelling it first. If our first impression is good, we bring it back and do a 110-point mechanical inspection. Because quality is our #1 priority, we make sure every car is checked and double checked from top to bottom to ensure each has been well cared for.

Do you buy rental cars?

If we find a 1-2 year old car with just 10,000 miles or fewer on it, and it passes our inspection, we’ll buy it. We know that some rental cars have seen a few rough roads, so this is where our 110-point inspection becomes very important. We don’t buy just any rental car – if we identify even the smallest sign that it’s been damaged or mishandled, we don’t buy it. Like any of our cars, rental cars must stand up to our high standards for quality and value.

Do you have any other questions about how we pick vehicles? Leave them in the comments and we’ll be glad to answer!

Image by Emilio Labrador via Flickr – Licensed Under CC BY 2.0