Warning Signs You May Need New Tires

In a previous post on Spring Car Care Tips, we discussed the importance of checking your car’s tire pressure on a regular basis. We also covered what to do if your tire pressure warning light illuminates on your dash.

Tire pressure is definitely important to monitor because low tire pressure may indicate a more serious issue. But other than tire pressure, what are the warning signs you may be in need of tire replacement or other repairs?

Signs You May Need New Tires

1. Low Tire Tread

Those stubbly bumps and grooves that comprise a tire’s tread are important features. Tire tread ensures traction and performance on the road. As tire tread wears over time, be sure to notice if the tread is wearing evenly, or if it’s just on the outside or center of the tire.

Uneven wear may be a sign of other problems with alignment or suspension. Most tires these days have wear bars installed – metal bands that become visible when tire tread becomes too low. If you’re unsure about the treads on your tires, have them checked out by a professional.

2. Cracked Tires

Wear and tear doesn’t always happen on the treads. In some cases, the sides of your tires can also be damaged. Look for little cracks or holes in the sidewall of the tire. Cracked tires are susceptible to a blowout, which can be dangerous.

Small cracks or holes may also be a sign that your tire has a slow leak. So if you notice a consistent drop in tire pressure, check the entire tire for damage.

3. Tire Vibration

While you may be used to the “normal” vibrations of your car, be aware of excessive vibration or when something just doesn’t feel right. Serious vibrations are a warning that you may have a bigger issue, such as an alignment problem or damaged suspension. Tires are also privy to bulges, which can create an unusually bumpy ride.

When it comes to safety and performance, tires are important features on your vehicle. Savvy car owners know that maintaining and replacing tires proactively can help to avoid costly mechanical issues. Plus, new tires will perform better and help keep you safe on the road.

Check your tires today for these warning signs. And if you have any questions about the condition of your tires, contact your local service department.