Where are the Worst Traffic Jams in the Twin Cities? – Readers’ Choice

Living in or around a metropolitan area has its perks and downfalls. A consistent gripe for city dwellers and suburbanites across the nation is traffic. We polled our followers on Facebook for the worst choke points in and around the Twin Cities metro.

Here are some of their “yikes-ugh-nightmare” spots to avoid:

  • Definitely 694, anywhere east of 94 – KH
  • Northbound on 35W during rush hour, around 694. – JE
  • HWY 10 westbound. Limited to no alternative options and long stretches without off ramp if you wanted to try something else. – MB
  • Highway 169 crossing the river at rush hour – MS
  • 694 eastbound between 35W and 35E. Definitely a pain point. – SM
  • West 212! One snow flake and you’re looking at three hours! – DB
  • 35W southbound to Crosstown Hwy. 62 can be a nightmare! Another nightmare is when there is construction on a major freeway and it is down to one lane! – CH
  • 35W North to 94 West. Yikes! – LJ
  • 494 southbound from Maple Grove – DR
  • 169 for sure! Ugh! – RM
  • 35W southbound in the a.m. by Lake Drive – BL
  • East on 394 onto 94 east – WB

Starting and ending your day sitting in traffic can be a pain. The constant ebb and flow can be mind-numbing at times.

Here are a few tips to stay safe while driving in heavy traffic:

  • Avoid lane jumping

Regardless of the lane you’re in, it always seems that the other lane is moving just a bit faster. Lane jumping adds to the traffic. Rather than seeking out the conceived “fastest” lane, try planning a path of least resistance, which quite often, means staying put in the lane you’re already in.

  • Stay calm

Traffic jams may be infuriating at times. Remaining calm and alert will help you arrive at your destination quicker than think.

  • Stay focused

It’s easy to let the mind wander while sitting in traffic. But, heavy traffic requires increased attention. Stay focused on your driving to avoid causing another reason for a backup.