Why Doesn’t Poquet Auto Negotiate on Car Prices?

Traditionally, the car buying experience has been associated with some uncomfortable back-and-forth between customers, salespeople, and hidden back-office “managers.” That’s not how we roll at Poquet Auto.

Our process is based on clear pricing from the start. Why? We’re not in the business of haggling; we’re in the business of finding the best luxury, low-mileage used vehicles and passing that value onto our customers.

3 Reasons Poquet Doesn’t Negotiate on Car Prices

  1. We want you to focus on value.

    We only sell low-mileage used cars, which requires due diligence on our side. Our reputation is founded on selecting and buying the highest quality vehicles for our customers. Savvy car buyers rely on us to find value. These savings are passed along to you. By communicating clear pricing up front, we allow you to focus on the value of purchasing high-end performance vehicles.

  2. We want you to be in control.

    Being in control allows you to shop responsibly. That means determining a budget and sticking to available vehicles within that budget. With upfront car pricing, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes researching which vehicles check off the most boxes on your “needs” and “wants” list, all within your budget. Our job is to answer any questions that you may have, facilitate suggestions based on your criteria, and if we don’t have what you need on the lot, search for potential vehicles rather than pushing you to compromise.

  3. We want you to enjoy the car buying process.

    Buying a car is a big decision – and many people find the process intimidating. Haggle-free pricing facilitates a quicker, smoother process. That way, you can focus on value, stay in control, and enjoy the car buying process. Our goal is to truly make the car buying process enjoyable. Many of our customers have purchased multiple vehicles from us because they know our process is different, and they welcome building a relationship with our experienced team of sales professionals.

Do you have any questions for our sales team? Stop by for a chat or give us a call at (763) 522-2000.