Why don’t electric cars, like the Chevy Volt, have geared transmissions? [Video]

When the first electric car was put on the market, what did you think?

Were you in awe? Did it come off a little weird?

Well, with the perceived success of Tesla’s Model 3 unveiling, it appears that electric vehicles will be in the mix as car makers adapt to the market’s desires.

After all, Mercedes will be debuting an all electric car in October of 2017.

New innovation breeds new questions. CNET’s ‘Roadshow‘ took the time to answer a very common question they receive on electric car transmissions. That question, “Why don’t electric cars have geared transmissions?”

The answer: it’s all about the torque!


  1. After decades of driving conventional vehicles, one gets used to the idea of shifting gears, multispeed transmissions an absolute necessity in combination with an internal combustion engine. In an electric vehicle, perhaps one comes to the conclusion that a multispeed transmission would be a given, but practically none of them do. Are electric vehicle transmissions necessary to improve performance? First, let’s take a look at why we have multispeed transmissions in the first place.

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