Women are Driving the Car Purchasing Process

When it comes to purchasing decisions for the household, women are major influencers these days. With a knack for online research, budgeting skills, and a willingness to wait until the right time, women have excelled at purchasing vehicles.

But some women still don’t feel particularly comfortable as consumers at dealerships.

That doesn’t sit right with us. We value each and every customer that walks through our doors, and we strive to make buying a car satisfying and empowering for everyone.

Here’s what we’ve learned from our customers. Women value:

  • Straightforward information to make informed decisions.
  • Courteous treatment and respect for their time.
  • Salespeople who are honest and take a sincere interest.
  • A simple car-buying experience.

How the Poquet Auto process aligns with these considerations:

  • Information about all of our vehicles can be found online, including a CARFAX report.
  • We don’t negotiate on the price. Our haggle-free process allows you to focus on making the right decision based on your budget, not what you think you can get the car for.
  • Despite being a large contingent of the consumer base, women are not always employed in sales roles at dealerships. We are proud to have women on our sales team and in other departments at Poquet.
  • In addition to making more car buying decisions, women are also increasing their roles when it comes to maintenance. Our focus is to develop long-term relationships with our customers – not only for purchasing vehicles down the road but also for maintaining and servicing their existing cars.  

It’s unfortunate that this discussion still needs to take place; however, proactive dealerships are taking strides to make the car-buying process less intimidating and more inclusive.

So if you prefer to work with one of our sales professionals who also happens to be a woman, we encourage you to do just that. Questions? Stop by our showroom or give us a call at (763) 522-2000.