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2018 Car Trends

Posted by Poquet Auto on Feb 22, 2018 11:14:23 AM

A new year means new advancements are being made in the auto industry. So, what does 2018 have in store? With artificial intelligence and connectivity making headlines everywhere, it comes as no surprise that the auto industry was quick to jump on board. Along with connected vehicles, could this be the year that autonomous vehicles disrupt the industry?


Connected Vehicles

That cell phone that’s in your pocket or what you're potentially reading this on keeps you connected to the world around you. Automakers feel like your vehicle should do the same thing, while keeping safety as their number one priority.

With innovations in cloud-based services, cars are now able to provide you with the news, reminders, streaming services, and so on. In fact, some cars are even integrated with your phone, so you never miss a beat but don’t have to be fumbling with your phone in your hands while driving.

Staying connected is key for many drivers in today’s fast-paced environment, and commuting doesn’t mean you need to be disconnected. In 2018, look for cars that continue to connect you to your world while getting from point A to B.

Artificially Intelligent

Have you said “Hey Google”, “Hey Siri”, or “Alexa” lately? Whether you’re asking your phone for an answer, or have your home set up to be “smart”, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a major investment across industries. Whether it’s used for a business or in your home, AI has seamlessly integrated itself into your life whether you’ve noticed it or not.

Automakers have taken advantage of this trend, and many have integrated it into the vehicle you could be driving today. 2018 will continue to bring advancements to AI and expand the personalization that your vehicle can provide to you based on your history, location, and preferences.

AI is well-known for it's voice control technology, and your vehicle isn’t an exception. Consumers are looking for vehicles that can read them their texts, tell them the weather, or reroute them mid-trip due to traffic. AI can do all of this seamlessly while you’re focusing on the road.

Besides keeping you up-to-date with notifications, AI proactively aids driver's daily. Whether that’s reminding you of that 2 o’clock dentist appointment you have, or letting you know what time you need to depart your current location to make your next meeting, your car has your back.

Autonomous Driving

Think back to the day when self-driving cars were a thing of the future. Well, the future is now, sort of. Although autonomous driving is still a long-term trend, advancements are continuing to happen. Technology is getting better and cars are getting smarter, but for autonomous driving to be successful, it will need to turn a profit. With gas prices staying relatively low, consumers are loving to drive their cars, trucks, and SUVs.

2018 will bring more advancements and testing with autonomous driving, and more cities around the US could begin to test them in geofenced areas. Although they won’t be making their way onto car lots across the country. Look for companies like Uber and Lyft, along with delivery services like Domino's Pizza and Ford to test out using autonomous driving to deliver their goods and services.

2018 will keep you in the driver's seat, but the experience will be more comfortable than ever before.


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