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5 Dashboard Warning Lights You Shouldn’t Ignore

Posted by Poquet Auto on Jun 13, 2017 10:36:59 AM

All too often, drivers will notice a warning light appear on their dash and disregard it because their car sounds like it’s running normal and drives perfectly fine. But, neglecting these lights can put you at risk for a hefty repair bill or even an accident on the road. While there are some warning lights that don’t require immediate attention, there are several that you shouldn’t ignore if you want your vehicle to stay running.

5 Dashboard Warning Lights You Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Check Engine Light

Check Engine LightIf you’ve been operating some sort of vehicle for a number of years, it’s fairly common that you’ve had the check engine light illuminate on your dashboard once or twice. The check engine light can point to a variety of issues, but it’s more than likely indicating a problem with your car’s fuel, ignition, or emission system. Generally, these issues are not emergency situations, but they should be resolved by a trained service technician ASAP.

2. Brake Light

Brake LightFor obvious reasons, your vehicle’s brake system is something you want working properly at all times. If you notice this light is on, first check to make sure the emergency brake isn’t on. If this brake is off, this could potentially mean that the brake fluid level is low or there’s an issue with the hydraulic system. Whatever the reason, safely coming to a stop is something that a driver shouldn’t gamble with and should get checked out immediately.

3. Oil Warning Light

Oil Warning LightOil is what keeps your vehicle’s engine happy and healthy. If the oil warning light comes on, it’s possible that the oil level or oil pressure may be too low. Check your oil level and fill it up to it’s normal operating level if need be. And remember to schedule regular oil changes to keep everything running properly at Poquet Auto’s Golden Valley or Lakeville Service Center.

4. Engine Temperature Warning Light

Engine temp LightThis light is especially important to pay attention to during these hot summer months. The engine temperature warning light likely means that the coolant level is low or your engine is overheating, which can turn into a major issue. Pull over in a safe area, turn your car off, let the engine cool down, and get it checked out by a technician.

5. Tire Pressure Warning Light

Tire LightIf your vehicle is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), an indicator light will appear if one or more tires is low, which is commonly due to a change in temperature. Maintaining proper tire inflation is crucial to overall tire performance, vehicle handling, and load carrying capability. If you have any concerns about the functionality of your TPMS or about your tires in general, contact a professional at Poquet Auto.

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