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Color on Wheels: What is your favorite color for a car and why? - Readers Choice

Posted by Poquet Auto on Jun 7, 2016 11:11:42 AM

Red and silver, black and white, these are just a few of the most common colors you see on cars today. But, as many people may know, it wasn’t always that way. In fact, Henry Ford once said that when it came to his new Model T, the customer could have any color they wanted, “as long as it’s black.”

But in the 21st century, cars come in every color of the rainbow. Some colors are even trademarked under a certain brand and model, such as the Chevrolet Corvette shown below in the exclusive “Jetstream Blue.”

Jetstream Blue Chevrolet Corvette

So, with the power of choice in mind, we asked our friends and followers what their favorite car color was.

Check out what they had to say!

  • KJ: Dark red, my color for retirement.
  • CH: Black, when it is clean and shiny (as soon as it gets a little dust on it, it looks terrible)! My all-time favorite are the deep reds... a fun but classy color!!
  • JC: Blue, because it's not only my favorite color, but Superman's as well!
  • CSH: Dark metallic red is my favorite because it's the color of my dad's convertible Corvette! And my dad loved that car!
  • KM: Silver for the everyday compact car and black for trucks. Both colors look sleek.
  • VE: I love blue, it’s a pretty color.
  • NR: Red, because it is bright and super nice!
  • JPK: White with tan interior. Classic and sleek looking.
  • KBM: Black, because it looks sleek, sexy and rich!
  • MB: White, because it is less likely to show dirt and salt residue. :)
  • DR: Deep metallic blue-green. It looks rich.
  • TJ: Grey/Silver. I think they look sharp, and don't show as much dirt/dust as white or black.
  • HJ: White, always white. I just love it. It looks so clean!...when it's clean haha!
  • LEM: Candy Apple Red because it looks so good on my mustang convertible!
  • STG:I like this one! Red orange is my favorite color!!
  • LP: Sage green, it is unusual and also hides dirt well.
  • KO: Steel blue; it looks sharp and doesn't show dirt very much.
  • MSM: White, looks sharp & hides the dirt. :)
  • GF: Pearl white. Crisp and clean. Cooler in the summer too.
  • JP: White... Blended right in with the snow this afternoon.
  • RL: Black, when it's clean it makes almost every vehicle look great!
  • WBB: Silver. Faster than a speeding bullet but doesn't get police attention like a red one!
  • DL: Red, because I love the attention!
  • NP: White, looks clean even if it is dirty.
  • BB: Orange, because it is my favorite color.
  • AA: White, because it's funny when it blends into parking lots and I have a hard time finding it.
  • PJ: I like the pearl white. A little fancier than ordinary white. Shows little dirt too.
  • BA: Gray as my wife loves it! :) It’s a powerful color.
  • BK: Midnight blue, the color of the car my father bought 20 years ago and will be passing along to me this summer.
  • KM: Red - it's easy to find in a parking lot.
  • JJM:I like Red cars, they seem fast!
  • JG: Poquet red, so police don't ignore me.
  • JK: Red, just because.
  • LC: White pearl, because it's classy.
  • LK: Red or blue are both good.
  • CRS: Purple! It's different and stands out.
  • GE: Midnight Blue.
  • KS: Red, because it's fun!
  • JB: Gun-metal black. Innocently powerful.
  • BL: Red is my number one pick!
  • ES: White! So fresh and clean!
  • JE: Red. It's my retirement-car color!!
  • TS: Black, because it's slimming.
  • SF: Silver, sleek, and shiny.
  • MD: White. It makes almost any car look nice.
  • LA: Rust. Not really. A sleek cool grey.
  • BWF: Silver. My car’s name is the Silver Fox!
  • RC: Valencia Orange, FOR THE WIN!

Valencia Orange BMW Coupe

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