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If you could change one thing about your current car, what would it be? - Readers’ Choice

Posted by Poquet Auto on Jun 16, 2016 10:00:41 AM

A lot of people love their cars. Whether it's the handling, the gas mileage, or the color, there are always certain aspects of the car that people cling to as a reason why their car means so much to them.

But, as very few cars are truly customized to the customers’ liking, there are some elements of the car that owners wouldn’t mind changing, such as the dashboard, the way the tail lights look, etc.

So, we asked our fans and followers for at least one thing they would like to change on their current vehicle, and some of them are very funny!

Check out what they had to say!

  • BS: The odometer. 198,000 miles. I wish she were new again and had the 50,000 miles that were on her when I got her. I just love my truck, the body style, and how everything was easier to work on back in the 90's, not like today.
  • ML: My entire vehicle. Front to back bottom to top. The odometer, the brakes, the wheel bearing. The color. The Windows. Pretty much everything screams, "Go to Poquet Auto and get a new vehicle!"
  • AFT: I would change the fact that my Volvo S40 doesn't honk when you lock it. I have wandered around soooo many parking lots looking...
  • MJ: I'd change the color of my van's interior. Tan: it's frightful. Next time around it will be gray or black, no exceptions!
  • KSB: The dirty seat belts! We purchased a used mini van from a family that let their kids eat and drink A LOT in the van. :-(
  • ZW: I would change the rust, dents, the fact it's not supercharged, a lift, and bigger tires with pipes that scream.
  • KJG: The way any of the lights go on, stay on or don't go on! I bumped something and , voila!, no tail lights!!
  • LP: I would add an extra sun visor on the driver side, so that I could block the Sun from both directions.
  • LA: I'm driving a Lexus which is rear wheel drive. I'd like it to become front wheel drive. I think this change can only be made by doing a trade in. Time to visit Poquet.
  • JJM: I would change the color. After 2 red cars for over 16 years, I am ready for another color.
  • JY: I would change the status of the loan to PAID IN FULL!
  • KL: Same car, just a newer model - I love my x5!
  • CPP: My Navita (Navigator) is ageing gracefully, so, as usual, I'll just change the oil.
  • BF: Three things: 600 horsepower, 4 wheel drive, and 4 wheel steering.
  • CPK: The color-white shows everything!!
  • AS: The fact that it's a minivan.
  • RDM: The sound system! Speakers are blown. Too much fun on the open road, I guess.
  • NP: The dent on the trunk makes my wife sad every time she sees it.
  • CSH: Should have gotten rear camera/sensors!
  • MS: That the front passenger seat had as many adjustments as the drivers seat!
  • KBM: I would add key pad to the door.
  • DB: Fingerprint Start- Don't start unless your fingerprint is programmed.
  • MMK: I would add a sunroof!!
  • TS: I would make it a manual.
  • SF: Add heated seats.

So, what would you change about your car?

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