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Luxury Cars vs. Mainstream Cars: What You Need to Know

Posted by Poquet Auto on Jan 24, 2019 10:09:00 AM

With 35 car brands in the United States and even more vehicles imported from all over the globe, the every day auto buyer has multiple choices when it comes to luxury and mainstream vehicles.

While most of these brands manufacture production cars, the differences between luxury and mainstream might not be clearly defined for someone who is in the market for a new vehicle. If there are luxury counterparts in the mainstream auto-world, what separates premium from standard everyday options, and how does a car buyer tell the difference?


Luxury Cars vs. Mainstream Cars

Mainstream Cars

When referring to mainstream vehicles, the number one benefit that any car buyer will immediately mention is the lower price. Generally, mainstream vehicles don't boast the same technology and performance options that their luxury counterparts come equipped with. But, with a lower price tag, mainstream vehicles are generally a better fit for a typical driver's budget.

How Luxury Cars are Different

Take a look at a luxury Lincoln Navigator and then view its’ mainstream counterpart, the Ford Expedition. These two may share many of the same parts, inside and out, but are they really that similar?   

Automakers have some ways that they distinguish their standard vehicles from their higher-end counterparts. Here are four of the most common additions to luxury vehicles, beyond the heftier price tag.

Premium Body Design: Let’s look at the Lexus ES sedan vs. the Toyota Avalon. They both use the same chassis (base frame) and many of the same mechanical features, but their body style is entirely different. The Lexus pulls out all the stops to showcase a premium body design that notes luxury. Based solely on body style, you would never know that they are related to one another.

Ride Quality: Luxury models offer drivers a convenience of less wind noise, tire noise, and they usually come with sound-deadening materials which make for an overall quieter experience. Buick used double-thick glass for many years in their vehicles to keep noise levels down, and other automakers opt for additional ways to reduce noise and improve ride quality. Luxury automakers continue to spend extra money developing suspension and sound-eliminating components to give consumers a more enjoyable ride.

Unique Features: Luxury vehicles often provide their clientele with supplemental features that make a luxury vehicle highly desirable. Features might include automatic parallel parking, panoramic sunroof, high-tech components, luxury leather and wood paneling, and automatic braking. 

Better Engine Quality: Engine quality is highly sought after in today's car market. The number of cylinders within an engine is incredibly important for the performance of that vehicle.

Nowadays, many mainstream vehicles only provide 4 cylinder options (V4) for the engine, while luxury vehicles may offer more cylinder options like V4, V6, V8, and even V12 depending on the brand.

When it comes down to it, luxury vehicles are all-around higher quality cars. This reason alone is why motorists consider these vehicles in the first place. Whether it’s the compelling design, high-quality interior materials, cutting-edge safety features, or power performance, there are plenty of reasons why purchasing a luxury car is a smart buy

For the Best Value, Buy a Pre-owned Luxury Car

Although a brand new luxury car may not be attainable, a pre-owned luxury car is a brilliant choice. Even luxury cars that are a little older can be equipped with high-quality features and modern styling. 

Even if you’re not purchasing a brand new luxury car, pre-owned luxury cars will have most (if not all) of the same benefits that a new one will have. 

Are you thinking about purchasing a pre-owned luxury car in the Twin Cities? Feel free to check out our pre-owned luxury inventory or give us a call at (763) 522-2000. 

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