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It's Time to Switch Out Your Winter Tires

Posted by Poquet Auto on Jan 10, 2019 1:09:00 PM

Spring is just around the corner, even if the abundance of snow here in the Twin Cities makes that hard to believe. Here at Poquet Auto, we’re dreaming of road trips in our convertibles, and more than ready to welcome the warmer temperatures ahead.

To get your car ready for the warmer days ahead, it's important to make sure you have the right tires. Get to know why you may want to switch to all-season tires, how to take care of your tires, and spring car care tips for Minnesota’s ever-changing weather.

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Why Switch to All-Season Tires?

During those bitterly cold months in Minnesota, winter tires are great for snow and ice. They offer better steering precision, better traction, shorter braking distances, added safety, and overall better performance in winter weather conditions.

However, winter snow tires are made of softer, more flexible rubber that will wear out much faster during warm summer months.

Winter tires are an investment, so come springtime should you switch to summer tires or all-season tires? Generally, we recommend changing to all-season tires, which will extend the life of your winter tires and save you money in the long run. If you put on snow tires for the winter, we recommend swapping them out for all-season tires by mid or late March.

Advantages of All-season Tires:

  • Quiet Ride
  • Smoother Ride
  • Good Tread Life
  • Year-round Performance
  • Less Maintenance
  • Less Expensive
  • Longer Warranty
  • Performs on Wet, Dry, and Light Winter Road Conditions
  • Combination of Benefits from Summer and Winter Tires

 Another advantage of good all-season tires? Better fuel economy.

According to Consumer Reports, all-season tires with low rolling resistance “can improve fuel economy by an additional one or two mpg.” If you’re planning to put some miles on your vehicle this summer, that can add up to some significant fuel savings. Plus, tire manufacturers have made tremendous improvements to low-resistance tire quality, so you can save on fuel without sacrificing critical features.

Are you looking for a precise, crisp driving experience this summer? All-season tires are your answer. Your car will handle better, and you’ll be able to avoid the Minnesotan potholes sure to come out of hiding soon as the snow melts.

Take Care of Your Tires

Retiring your winter tires for the year is a great way to make them last, but tire care doesn’t stop once you’ve switched over to all-season tires.

The most important part of tire care? Check your tire pressure regularly.

Most tire manufacturers recommend checking once a month. Tires naturally deflate over time, so it’s important to check your tires regularly and add air when needed. 

Tire pressure is especially important here in Minnesota, where our temperature ups and downs have a big impact. In the fall, you may need to add air to your tires as the temperature drops and air shrinks. In the spring, you may need to let some air out as it expands with the rising temperatures. If one tire is reading differently than the others, you may have a leak and should bring it in to get it checked.

Spring Car Care

So, you’ve switched out your winter tires and checked the pressure on your all-season tires. Now, it’s time for some serious spring cleaning!

Vacuum the interior and remove any trash, then take your vehicle for a car wash so it looks brand new. You’ll be surprised by how fresh and sparkly your vehicle looks after cleaning off the salt residue and grime built up over the winter.

What else should you do to prepare your vehicle for spring? Check out our the rest of our Spring Car Care Tips to make sure you have all the essential things added to your to-do list.

Get Ready for Spring Today

Here at Poquet, we’re happy to get your vehicle ready for spring. Need to put on your all-season tires? Schedule an appointment with our Golden Valley service team or our Lakeville service team today! It's easy—just submit a request on our service page or call (763) 522-2000.

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