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Top Tech Features in New Cars

Posted by Poquet Auto on Jun 28, 2018 9:37:04 AM

We’re halfway through 2018, and auto shows are ramping up their selections and debuting new 2019 vehicle options. Technology is something that is ever-growing these days, here are the top tech features to be on the lookout for this fall.


Types of Vehicles You’ll Spot on the Road

There is a lot of conversation about autonomous driving these days. With car companies testing out their designs and people already buying them, we’re sure to see the evolution of these cars improve. As they move from partially to fully autonomous cars, currently Tesla and Waymo are paving the way for AI in vehicles.

Fuel-efficiency is still on the rise within vehicles. Whether it’s an electric car or just the new technology to help reduce fuel emissions, you’ll be finding a lot more options available to every type of consumer.

Expect to see more crossovers and SUVs on the road in the next few years. As they are becoming more and more widespread, families are choosing those types over previous “family vehicles” like minivans. Along with an increase in body style of SUVs and crossovers, vehicle size is growing as well. Many vehicles are opting to include a third row over a 2-row back seat. Long are the days where you would need a minivan or large SUV to get the benefit of a third row. Expanding the size and functionality of a car nods it’s way to the new, “family vehicle,” one that has a sleeker design outside and lots of technology inside.

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Tech Functions to Look Out for in Your Next Car

With lots of car options gearing up to hit the dealerships this fall, you’ll want to be ahead of the tech game and know what’s new in the auto world. Here are four tech functions that will begin rolling out from luxury to more traditional vehicles.

  1. Cameras
  2. Auto Communication
  3. New Seat Styles
  4. Digital Displays

1. More and More Cameras

As of May 1, 2018, backup cameras became mandatory in all new vehicles. All cars in the U.S. will now feature this, and car makers have been using the last few years to prepare for this addition. Along with backup cameras, you’ll be seeing a lot more cameras inside and outside of your vehicle. Multi-view cameras have been in select cars for a while, and having a view inside while you’re operating can help with those who want to check on their passengers.

2. Automotive Communication

Communication isn’t just improving in the auto-world, a whole new way of life is about to commence with a vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V), brain-to-vehicle communication (B2V), and vehicle-to-everything (C2VX).

V2V has been on the market since the 2017 Cadillac CTS Sedan, which first debuted the technology and this communication via from one car to another. It's only improving, especially as more and more automobiles are equipped with this system.

Similar to autonomous driving, Nissan is beginning to develop a B2V function for cars. This type of communication could potentially allow a driver to communicate with their vehicle and then having the auto adjust itself. It’s mostly a step ahead of autonomous driving by preparing for the inevitability that cars might not always know our exact preferences.

The C2VX option will act as a mini x-ray for your car, taking in information from other vehicles, stop lights, and traffic then report that data back to your automobile.

Apps Partnering with Vehicles

We’ve pretty much said, ‘goodbye,’ to car keys, as we’ve moved to fobs and keyless, push-to-start options. Now, apps are about to replace keys. The Tesla Model 3 already has this options available, and you’ll find that more vehicles are sure to add this offering within the next few years. These apps do more than just open and lock your car. They can honk your horn, adjust your lights, etc.!

Apps are also partnering with car companies to bring more options to your car. Ford and Waze are paving the way with navigation. Many cars now offer infotainment systems, and they’re choosing to partner with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to help you improve the way you’re communicating with others from inside your vehicle. Some companies, like Mercedes-Benz, are coming out with their versions of the famous Amazon’s, Alexa and Apple’s, Siri. Just say, ‘Hey, Mercedes,’ and your Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) will make a call send a text, etc. all while learning what you like, in a sleek and luxury design.

3. Seats Are Getting A Makeover

It’s not just body styles that are being revamped. Interiors are also getting a boost. Luxury designs are becoming a favorite among many consumers, and being able to find a luxe design at a fabulous price is ideal! Check out our luxury inventory, and you’ll see why designs like these are popular, even among the younger generations.

What’s new in seating? If you think having heated and cooling seats were the best, wait until you try out massaging seats. That’s right, driver seats and passenger seats now provide extra comfort. On the market since 2016, massaging seat options haven’t been as popular as heated or cooling seats, but they offer the buyer a more comfortable ride.

Reclining seats are also showing up in some luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz. Including sunshades, folding trays, footstools, and even the pleasure of reclining while sitting in the rear section of your sedan is an option if you choose.

Among the massaging and reclining seat options, how about a seat that is custom made just for you? In 2015, Local Motors, an Arizona-based company, pushed their 3D-printed car designed to fit you! How have 3D printed vehicles changed since 2015? Not only are you able to co-create your dream vehicle, but you’ll be able to enjoy the comforts of seats that are for you. With 3D-printed automobiles, custom-fitting clientele to their exact dimensions is a possibility. One benefit of this is design: when you’re ready for a color or style change, all you have to do is swap out for a new interior.

4. Digital Displays Improving

A significant change coming to vehicles is in your dashboard. Digital displays have been increasingly popular among car makers. Making your cockpit look super sleek and ultra-luxury is something that we’re shifting to within car design.


Many companies are already working on digital gauges over conventional ones. Electronic instrument clusters (digital dash), include your speedometer and instrumentation for your vehicle. Typically they are positioned behind your steering wheel on your dashboard. Audi has come out with their Virtual Cockpit, which features digital gauges and acts like an infotainment screen, but right below your sight line. This type of head-up display is gaining traction.

Heads-up displays are starting to hit vehicles, as well! That means displays are projected one your windshield, right above where you would be looking at your gauges. Hopefully, these head-up displays will help people by keeping their eyes on the road. Plus, Jaguar-Land Rover is working on virtual windshields. These windshields will project blind spots on your car’s pillars. This new technology is still just a concept, but it would help with the head-up displays being able to replicate information that you cannot see and enhance your vision while driving by virtually showing you what is in your blindspot.

BMW is adding gesture control to their repertoire of options. All you need to do is make a few hand signals, and you can end a call.

With lots of features hitting 2019 models, check out our new arrivals to see what you can find!

Auto Features at Poquet

Automotive technology is rapidly changing, and no matter what you’re looking for you’ll find something spectacular at Poquet. While many luxury cars offer the first experience to new features and designs, traditional vehicles are also gaining traction with these new tech features.

Stop by Poquet Auto to see cool tech features in our showroom or set up a test drive in one of our vehicles!

Then, when you're ready to update your garage with a new vehicle, give us a call at (763) 522-2000, and we’ll set up a time to meet with one of our dealers.


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