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Why You Should Consider Purchasing New Tires This Fall

Posted by Poquet Auto on Oct 17, 2017 9:22:22 AM


Even though the weather is still cooperating and we haven't seen any snowflakes fly quite yet here in the Twin Cities Metro, winter will be here before we know it. Snow, sleet, and ice will be covering our roads soon, which makes the fall season a great time to check your tires.

If your tires are considerably worn, think about replacing them with new ones before the weather turns sour. That way, when the snow starts to fly, you'll be prepared ahead of time and will beat the rush of last-minute buyers who run the risk of low inventory.

Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

Winter tires are ideal for areas where snowy conditions are very common. They provide an added margin of grip to start, stop, and turn much better than traditional tires when driving on snow, as they have a specially-formulated rubber tread that stays flexible at low temperatures. They're the perfect choice if you regularly drive in snowstorms, or just want peace of mind when it comes to winter driving.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to winter tires is the fact that their treads wear quickly, so they should only be used in the winter months.

On the other hand, all-season tires provide traction, grip, and stable handing when roads are either wet or dry. If you can wait to drive until the roads have been cleared, all-season tires may be a good fit for you and your lifestyle. Plus, the tread life for all-season tires is usually a bit longer than winter tires. But, if you find yourself out driving in the snow frequently, winter tires may be the better option when it comes to Minnesota.

Fall Tire Tips

1. Inspect Your Tires - Like we mentioned earlier, fall is the perfect time to check your tires and purchase new ones if need be. As tire tread wears over time, check to see if the tread is wearing evenly, or if it's just on the outside or center of the tire. Be aware of common warning signs that you need new tires, too.

2. Check Tire Pressure - As the temperature begins to drop, your tire pressure will, too. This is why you may see a warning light illuminate on your dash for low tire pressure. It's a good idea to check your tire pressure on a monthly basis, but even more important to keep track of it when the temperature is fluctuating. Be sure to check your spare tire as well.

3. Be Prepared - Instead of waiting for it to snow, be proactive and purchase new tires before it's too late. By staying ahead of the game and prepping for winter months before they arrive, you'll have a much more safe and enjoyable snow season. If you have any questions about the condition of your tires, contact your local service department.

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