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Words of Wisdom: What is Your Best Piece of Advice for a New Driver? - Readers Choice

Posted by Poquet Auto on May 26, 2016 9:00:43 AM




These are all common 2-word phrases that I’m sure we’ve almost all heard once we turned 16 years old, and some of us are still hearing today.  But for those who may be experiencing this for the first time as new drivers, we wanted to get our fans’ and followers’ best advice for the latest rookies on the road.

Check out what they had to say!

  • CPP: Following all the rules and remember everything that you learned during driver's ed is important but not enough. You've got to constantly be prepared for an encounter with another driver who is NOT following the rules.
  • JP: Always tell nervous passengers, "Put your seatbelt on, I wanna try something. I saw it in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it!" and then rev the engine. This will make them laugh and ease the tension resulting in a smooth ride.
  • JC: Obey the traffic laws like you obey your parents (chuckle). Watch your speed, look for other drivers who share the road with you, watch for pedestrians, and 3 other things 1) never argue with law enforcement. 2) Don’t text while driving. And most importantly 3) DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!
  • JKB: Never panic. If you're worried you missed a turn or made a mistake, it only adds a couple minutes to exit or pull over, get your bearings, and turn around.
  • KBM: My son is a new driver and the first thing I told him is to turn his cell phone off because nothing is more important than his safety, as well as the other drivers on the road!
  • DJ: If your friends try to talk you into doing foolish things while driving...ignore them! Or, tell them to take the bus!
  • DK: Brake BEFORE the turn NOT in the turn, so many drivers do not get this and end up in the ditch with an inch of snow on the ground.
  • PJ: Drive on the defence. You should always be watching out for other drivers. Try to anticipate what others will do.
  • DP: Keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead and drive at a safe speed for the weather conditions.
  • JJM: Never speed and if someone wants to merge into the traffic flow let the car merge don't try to cut the person off.
  • LC: Always keep your hands at 10 & 2. Not 10 & latte.
  • KO: Take a defensive driving course; the information and practical experience will be used daily.
  • RK: Don't tailgate and try not to get rattled by other people's bad behavior. You are in control.
  • RDM: Defensive driving. buckle up, and put away the phone. Driving is a privilege!
  • AA: Give plenty of room to the driver in front of you. 3 seconds of space.
  • JE: Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • CP: Attend a Tire Rack Street Survival School and learn about car control and handling.
  • RS: Stop signs with white borders are NOT optional.
  • BB My advice is to take your time. There is nothing more important than your safety.
  • MB: Cell phone off, seatbelt on.
  • TS: Mirror, mirror, blind spot.
  • RB: Pay attention and take your time.
  • KF: Stay away from distractions.
  • BB: Wear your seat belt.
  • PH: No texting!
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