What to Look for in a Car Salesperson

Shopping for a new vehicle can be an exciting and fun event. Unfortunately, some feel intimidated or nervous when it comes to the process. Many people are afraid of being scammed by a dishonest car salesperson, or they steer clear from dealerships all together, as they don’t want to deal with a salesman.

Then again, finding the right auto salesperson can benefit you greatly and make buying a vehicle much, much easier. A good sales consultant will help you find exactly what you’re looking for, along with staying within the budget you’ve established. They genuinely want to find the car that is best fit for you and your needs. Keep the following four things in mind when searching for your next vehicle.

What to Look for in a Car Salesperson


This may seem like an obvious trait for a salesperson to have, but you want to find someone who knows cars and the buying process as a whole. A great sales consultant will know all makes, models, colors, trim levels, options, and more. They also should know about the dealership’s current incentives, the financing process, and basic knowledge of how things are done. You don’t want to work with someone who has to run to their manager every five minutes to ask a question.

Do your research on the car you’re thinking about buying beforehand. The more you know about the car before you purchase it, the more easily you’ll be able to tell if the salesperson is misleading or uninformed.


No one wants to work with a salesperson they can’t connect with. Find someone who’s easy to talk to and really cares about what you have to say. Unorthodox or high-pressure sales tactics are never acceptable, so look for a dealership that doesn’t negotiate on things such as pricing. Building a solid relationship with your salesperson and dealership will not only make the process easier for that particular purchase, but all of your future vehicle purchases, too.


The sales consultant you work with must be adaptable and flexible to fit your particular needs and find you the perfect vehicle. With customers having different opinions, varying budgets, and distinct needs, don’t let a salesperson constantly compare you to their last customer. They need to be able to relate to and connect with an experienced car buyer, then be able to switch gears and work with a first-time car buyer.


Whether you’ve talked with a trusted friend or family member, read online reviews, or check out the dealership’s social media outlets, finding a salesperson that has been rated highly or commented on is a great way to choose the person you’d like to work with when searching for a new vehicle. If the consultant or dealership has a poor reputation or a plethora of negative reviews, consider working with someone else.

When it comes to buying a car, find a salesperson that won’t pressure you into making a purchase that doesn’t feel right. Talk with one of our highly-rated sales consultants by stopping by our Golden Valley location or calling us at (763) 522-2000.