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5 Signs Your Car Might Need a Tune-up

Posted by Poquet Auto on Jan 2, 2020 3:24:22 PM

For all vehicle owners, it's important to have any automotive services done on your vehicle sooner rather than later. While there may not always be clear signs when your vehicle is having a problem, there are smaller details you can look at that may need some routine maintenance done. It’s important to address these little signs early on before you end up with a major problem that often will affect your vehicle and your bank account. 

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Typical vehicle issues can range anywhere from vibrating and squealing to stalling and sluggish. If any of these issues fit your vehicles recent behavior, it's more than likely trying to tell you something, like it’s time for a tune-up. When your vehicle does something funny or unwanted, it’s a possible indicator that there is a deeper problem. For some of us, we haven’t gotten into the habit of taking it in for regular maintenance. It’s easy to get frustrated when your vehicle doesn’t quite work the way it’s supposed to. You can save yourself some time and a headache by being familiar with common warning signs, and by always taking it into the shop when something comes up. 

So, are you in tune with your vehicle? Can you pinpoint a lack of performance or nagging issue over time? If so, you’re ahead of the game. For the rest of us, here are a few signs that it may need a tune-up:

Difficulty Starting, Stalling, or Rough Idling

Harsh conditions are hard on vehicles, especially ignition systems. Should you experience any problems starting your car, it might be time to check under the hood. Stalling or rough idling could also indicate a number of different issues, including dirty intake valves, timing problems, or fuel injection issues. For this reason, be sure to note any common circumstances for when the problem usually occurs. Especially this time of year, many people discuss the the topic of starting your vehicle early to allow it to warm the engine before driving during the winter. One on of our latest blogs goes in-depth on whether or not this is still a necessary step while driving your vehicle.

Fuel Economy is Dropping

Do you notice hitting the pump more often without a change in your driving habits? While a drop in fuel efficiency is common in older vehicles, a problem at the pump might be a sign of wear and tear on your spark plugs or fuel filter. If you have experienced a sudden drop in gas mileage and are filling up more often than before it's important to have your car serviced quickly.

Loss of Power

Whether you are accelerating to merge onto the highway or towing your boat to the lake cabin, a loss of power can be a dangerous issue. A dirty or clogged engine filter may be the cause of poor acceleration. Since this issues is more than likely going to need the attention of a professional, it's important to be familiar with when your vehicle is losing it's power.  Is it stalling when your heat or air conditioning is running? Does your vehicle have these power issues when it is the summer or winter? Paying attention to these issues can help the service mechanic figure out the problem by canceling out possible issues that are not related to the real issue. 

Warning Lights

Don’t ignore those check-engine lights, folks. Today’s cars are equipped with sophisticated sensors for major systems. Should a warning light indicate an issue, have a professional mechanic diagnose the problem. Your check-engine light could be indicating something as simple as a burned out light or more serious problem, such as an airbag failure. Along with the check-engine light, there are additional warning lights you shouldn't ignore. Diagnosing the dashboard lights and fixing the problem right away can help you avoid a much bigger issue down the road and save you some money.

Extra Zeros on the Odometer

There isn’t a magic number to share across the board. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations for when your vehicle should receive maintenance. If you notice any of these symptoms as the miles continue to add up, use your best judgement to stay ahead of more significant problems with your vehicle. Your owner’s manual is the solution to preventing many common vehicle problems in addition to a professional mechanic. Service suggestions are clearly listed in the maintenance section and detail the recommended mileage and time intervals at which maintenance should occur.

As the daily driver, you know your car best; however, it can be difficult to pinpoint what exactly is going on, and a tune-up may not be the silver bullet. When you discuss your car with your mechanic, it’s advisable to explain what your are experiencing rather than simply asking for a tune-up. An experienced mechanic will probably go on a test drive with you before suggesting appropriate steps for fixing any potential problems or recommending preventative maintenance.

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