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5 Signs It’s Time to Look for a New Vehicle

Posted by Poquet Auto on Aug 17, 2020 9:12:00 AM

Is your car not getting very far before it dies? Do you feel your car is decrepit and has lots of dents and dings? Are you regularly servicing it for maintenance? If you answered yes to these, it might be time to consider purchasing an up to date vehicle. Whether your car is a treasured friend or an enemy, here are five reasons it’s time to say goodbye to the old, and hello to a new set of wheels!

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Should You Keep Your Older Vehicle?

A question that many car owners often face is, “should I keep my vehicle, or get something new?” The answer doesn’t necessarily lie in the fact that you should keep your older car, but it’s mainly about what are the reasons that will make you say, “yes, it’s time for a new vehicle.”

  • Has your warranty expired?
  • Are you still working on paying off any car loans?
  • Do you feel as if your vehicle lacks much-needed safety features?
  • Do you find yourself at the service center more than necessary?
  • How is the condition of the car?
  • What is your financial situation?
  • Do you feel your vehicle is reliable?

After thinking about these questions and you are still unsure, we broke down the top five signs to know when it might be time for a new vehicle!

1. Your Repair Costs Outweigh the Cost of the Vehicle

At some point, almost every car will have repair or servicing costs during its’ lifetime, but it’s good to know if the price you are about to pay is better spent towards something else (like a pre-owned luxury car). Say your vehicle’s value is around $2,000, but you’re spending roughly $1,000 on repairs, that money could be spent on a down payment. It is true that purchasing a vehicle will cost more overall than fixes, but here are some reasons when buying new outweighs repair costs.

  • Repairs are frequents
  • You need significant repairs done (transmission, engine, etc.)
  • Cost of repairs is more than half the value of your vehicle

If you’re always putting money into your vehicle to keep it on the road, it might be better to get a new car.

2. Your Car Won’t Start

If your car always seems not to start, you’ll first want to have your battery checked. Your vehicle may end up having a bad alternator, and the price depends on cost and labor, but it will usually set you back roughly $500-$1,000.

Common reasons why your car won’t start:

  • Dead Battery
  • Bad Alternator
  • Ignition Switch Problems
  • Broken Starter
  • Clogged Fuel Filter
  • Empty Gas Tank

Once you understand what the issue is that causes your car to die, if the problems persist, it may be best to consider buying a newer one instead.

3. You No Longer Feel Safe in Your Vehicle

Whether your vehicle is rattling as you drive down the road or you’re holding it together by tape, when it’s no longer safe to operate your car it’s time to think of upgrading. As vehicles become more safety oriented it's essential to think about the items that will improve your vehicle's safety.

Safety features cars should include:

  1. Backup Camera: All new vehicles should be equipped with a backup camera for added safety when reversing.
  2. Curtain Airbags: These airbags deploy on the side of the vehicle when a side collision occurs. They also provide support in case of the car rolling overhead.
  3. Electronic Stability Control (ESC): Technology which improves stability by detecting the loss of any traction or skidding.

Other safety features to consider:

  1. Forward-Collision Warning: Warns when there is potential for a forward-collision, some options also include an automatic braking system.
  2. Blind-Spot Monitoring: Signals driver of additional vehicles in blind-spots.
  3. Lane-Departure Warning: Warns the driver that their vehicle has departed a lane or roadway.
  4. Rear-Cross Traffic Alert: Alerts to cross traffic from vehicles, carts, and pedestrians.

4. You Enjoy New Technology

Every year vehicle technology improves and for some people, they may want to trade in their current ride to upgrade to the latest model. Once only available in limited vehicles, newer technology is now more widespread and mainstream. Today, many vehicles offer a range of tech features.

Tech features that are popular:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Touch screen navigation system
  • Connected mobile apps
  • Hands-free text and calling capabilities
  • 360-degree camera

5. You SIMPLY Want a New Car

Sometimes the sign for a new car is you! There might not be anything wrong with your current ride, but you want to upgrade to something slightly better. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get a newer version. It’s essential that when deciding on this option, it’s a financially stable one to make.

Why someone might choose a new car:

  1. Finished a lease and want to purchase a vehicle.
  2. It’s a first car purchase.
  3. Ready for something new.

Buying with Poquet Auto is simple. Our no-hassle, no-haggle, and no-pushy way of service means that you’ll get to steer the reigns of your new car (and your purchase). With plenty of pre-owned luxury vehicles for you to choose from, the options are endless.

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